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        JiangSu HuaYi Group
        Dyeing and Finishing

          Dyeing and Finishing is different from traditional tie-dyeing, wax dyeing, blue printing and industrial printing and dyeing.

          Jiangsu Huayi advocates integration idea of dyeing and finishing technologies, and it is the pioneer of dyeing and finishing industrial segmentation market. It has established favorable cooperation relationships with brands such as EXCEPTION de MIXMIND, JNBY, Broadcast, EACHWAY, Neoen, and colleges such as Donghua University, Jiangnan University, Jinling Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology, Nantong University, Jiangsu College of Engineering and Technology, etc.

        Tie-dyeing Business Division

          Tie-dyeing Business Division was founded in 1979. For 30 years' effort, the division has established unique process innovation and industrial integration system. It is largest and the most influential modern tie-dyeing enterprise in China.

          In recent years, "Huayi tie-dyeing" gets more attention for successful practice of dyeing and Finishing market segment. Based on cooperation with Martha, Exception, JNBY, Broadcast, EACHWAY, OTT, Neoen, and other high-end brands, the company has achieved remarkable development in the fields of production scale, R&D ability, process management, and market development.

        General Manager: Zhong Jianyang
        Mobile: +86-15962788868
        Tel: +86-513-88817770 
        Fax: +86-513-88869869
        Add: 88-1, West Changjiang Road, Hai'an County, Jiangsu, China P. C.: 226600
        E-mail: zjy@tiedye.cn

        Business Manager: Wang Xiaoqing
        Mobile: +86-15962769518
        Tel: +86-513-88813920
        Fax: +86-513-88869869
        Add: 88-1, West Changjiang Road, Hai'an County, Jiangsu, China P. C.: 226600
        E-mail: wxq@tiedye.cn

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        WeChat Platform

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